Location Porto Alegre, RS
Grantee 2015
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Cimento e Batom – Capacitação de Instrutoras

Professional training and job access for women in construction work

The state of Rio Grande do Sul has experienced accelerated development in recent years, resulting in increased job opportunities in the construction industry – an area traditionally dominated by men. According to IBGE, only 2.79% of the sector’s workforce is female.
Construction companies, contractors and businesses are currently interested in expanding female participation in construction work for the distinctive skills that they can bring to the job, such as their acute attention to detail and risk aversion. Since 2008, Mulher em Construção has trained more than 3,800 women as masons, painters, electricians and hydraulic technicians.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Mulher em Construção will:

• Empower women to paint and carry out hydraulic and electrical repairs, among others;
• Increase job opportunities for women in the construction industry;
• Provide women personal and economic independence to carry out home repairs;
• Train former students as teachers for the Cimento e Batom project.



• 100 women benefited
• 116 hours of workshops
• 12 former students trained as instructors

“Achieving equal opportunities is affirmative action. The training and inclusion of women in the labor market strengthens the whole family.” – Bia Kern, president, Mulher em Construção

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