Location São Paulo
Grantee 2008
Attended areas Health

Mais Saúde e Nutrição para o povo Pankararu

Originally from the Aldeia Brejo dos Padres, in Pernambuco, the first group of Pankararu Indians went to Sao Paulo in the 1950’s fleeing drought. Since then, the flow of Pankararus between favelas in Sao Paulo and rural villages in Pernambuco has been constant. After contact with city dwellers however, Pankararu children began dying of colds and bellyaches, in the words of the village elders. They wondered why traditional medicine had no further effect.

According to FUNASA, the National Foundation for Health, the infant mortality rate among indigenous children is more than twice the national average – many of these deaths are due to pneumonia and malnutrition. Through this project, the Pankararus received assistance with healthcare and child nutrition. In addition, a documentary of the Pankararu people was produced to raise awareness in the community.


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