Location Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro
Grantee 2007
Attended areas Education and Culture

Saci-Tererê vai à Escola

The OCA – which means “house” in the Tupi Guarani indigenous language – operates in the mountainous region of Teresópolis, developing programs that use artistic expression (in the form of music, literature, theater, and dance) to assist youth living in socially vulnerable situations, and suffering the psychosocial consequences of having alcoholic parents. BrazilFoundation supported the Saci Tererê project in 2005, which worked with an initial group of 20 at-risk children and adolescents on a series of artistic activities.

The program culminated in a theatrical performance, presented at the House of Culture in Teresópolis, and the publishing of a children’s book entitled SACI-Tererê, A HISTORY OF LIFE. In 2007, BrazilFoundation also supported “Saci Tererê Goes to School,” taking the stage production and book produced by the children to six other schools in the municipality of Teresópolis.

In 2006 the organization received the Prize Culture Note 10 (State Secretariat for Culture of UNESCO and Rio de Janeiro Brazil) and in 2010 was nominated a “Point of Culture.”


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