Location Niterói, Rio de Janeiro
Grantee 2004
Attended areas Education and Culture

Música nas Comunidades

In 1995, Marcio Selles, a Brazilian conductor, gathered a small group of children and adolescents in the favela da Grota do Surucucu, in Niteroi, for school tutoring and and music classes on string instruments. The Grota String Orchestra was born then and it has since performed in Portugal, Central America and in New York, when BrazilFoundation invited them to play at the 2006 Annual Gala.

The partnership with BrazilFoundation began in 2004 when the Foundation granted them support for the first time enabling the organization to make improvements to the small space used for classes and to purchase new instruments. Reciclarte was a BrazilFoundation grantee again in 2005 and 2006, and with the renewed support they renovated and expanded what is now the Grota Cultural Space. Today the organization is a “Point of Culture*,” has its own office, and works with over 250 students. The orchestra has recorded two CDs and 18 of its members are teaching in another 9 communities attending more than 300 students.

* Title of recognition awarded by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture to institutions that have made socio-cultural impacts in their communities.


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