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A Brazilian NGO dedicated to prepare local citizens to become political leaders

After a selection process through which RenovaBR received over 4,000 applications, the organization is now providing training and support to 134 fellows who represent a new generation of leaders. These fellows are diverse in race, gender, political viewpoint and Brazilian geographic representation, and were selected based on their leadership skills, dedication to democracy, ethics, and demonstration of public service.

According to Eduardo Mufarej, RenovaBR Co-Founder, “These fellows represent a class of dedicated, ethical and responsible new leaders. We want to educate and develop the leadership skills of those willing to transform Brazilian politics. We need politicians who are prepared to make important decisions to improve Brazil with a commitment to ethics and transparency in public management.”

Currently, the fellows are participating in an intensive civic leadership program as they prepare to become candidates for the next congressional elections (October, 2018). This six-month educational program began in January 2018, and includes in-person and online courses in: leadership, Brazilian legislation, political theory, government efficiency, electoral law, political communications, current challenges in the Brazil, and more.

RenovaBR is raising funds from private donors so that it can offer scholarships to fellows who are in financial need, and hence diversify the talent pool in politics beyond the current wealthy strata.


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