Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Health

Saúde Criança – Ampliando Horizontes

Transforming Relationships of Families with Children with Chronic Illnesses

The Baixada Fluminense region, where most of the families are head by women, has some of the lowest Human Development Indicators in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Saúde Criança provides comprehensive services in health, education, professional training, housing, and civic engagement to help change the realities of some of these families served by hospitals in the region. The organization managed to reduce the re-hospitalization rate to zero, and cut the incidences of hospital-bourne complications by 60%. Since its founding, 95 families and roughly 374 people have benefited.

The majority of families attended are head by women, are low-income, and have an average of 4 kids. The women often suffer from extreme psychological stress, became pregnant as adolescents, and have strained relationships with their kids. Saúde Criança works to prevent household violence through the help of psychologists and informational sessions between participants.

With support from the BrazilFoundation Women’s Fund, the project aims to:

• Hold sessions every 15 days with 45 women to discuss: stages of child development, the cycle of violence, violent behavior in childhood, children’s rights, and unplanned teenage pregnancy.


45 mothers discussing empathy and violence against children
100 people directly benefited
420 indirect beneficiaries

“We work to prevent intra-family stress, to discuss the daily habits and attitudes for peaceful coexistence. This is fundamental to ensuring a safe future for all.” – Cida Paranhos, General Coordinator at Saúde Criança

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