Location Ilha Solteira, Sao Paulo
Grantee 2008
Attended areas Health

Levando a Prevenção e Cidadania à população LGBTT 

This organization has operated for 15 years around issues of HIV/AIDS and sexual diversity in the city of Ilha Solteira, São Paulo, to bring information to the various LGBTT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Transvestite) movements – which are often marginalized, especially in the interior regions of the country.

In recent years, due to the increased number of cases of HIV/AIDS and STDs among young members of the LGBTT community, the organization has worked to promote greater integration of adolescents and their families, to prevent new infections, to strengthen citizenship, and to influence public policy in defense of equal rights and respect for sexual orientation. With the support of BrazilFoundation, SEIVA expanded and strengthened discussions on the prevention of AIDS and STDs.

The institution has become a reference in LGBTT advocacy and public awareness, replicating the initiative in other municipalities at the invitation of the local government.

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