Location Curitiba, PR
Grantee 2015
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Fortalecimento Institucional da SPVS

Biodiversity conservation and socioeconomic development for a nature reserve ​in Paraná

The protected nature reserves of ​​Guaraqueçaba, in Paraná, are located in the largest remaining area of the Atlantic Forest biome. The 10,000 inhabitants of this region survive on subsistence agriculture, fishing, natural resource extraction, and tourism. Despite the natural wealth of the biome, the region is stricken with low socioeconomic indicators.

SPVS has supported environmental conservation in the biome for 30 years by protecting the native forests, promoting environmental education and developing models for the sustainable use of natural resources. In cooperation with companies and institutions,

SPVS seeks to influence public policy and raise awareness on how socio-economic development depends on environmental conservation. SPVS created the “Life” certification and also inspired the founding of Fundação Boticário for nature protection.

With support from BrazilFoundation, SPVS will:

• Meet the needs of the Guaraqueçaba reserves inhabitants through income-generation activities and with help from park rangers;
• Promote beekeeping and ecotourism;
• Create conditions to best manage reserves in the Atlantic Forest;
• Train teachers in the municipality in environmental education.


10,000 inhabitants benefited
500 teachers trained
313,000 hectares protected in the Guaraqueçaba reserves

“SPVS’s work helps all of society, for nature conservation is one of the foundations of sustainability and quality of life.” – Liz Buck Silva, head coordinator at SPVS

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