Location Nazaré da Mata, Pernambuco
Grantee 2008
Attended areas Education and Culture

Fortalecimento da Banda Revoltosa

Banda Revoltosa was created in the small town of Nazaré da Mata 94 years ago by a local trumpeter’s curious motivation: to revolt against the two existing local bands at the time. Today, the band performs at street events and processions, plays at marches, local anthems and disseminates local rhythms. Its headquarters, located in the central square, serves as a community cultural center. The band brings generations together in a city that lacks cultural institutions. At the helm of this work is the Musical Society 5th of November, formed by local farm workers and sugar cane cutters.

The nearly one hundred year old band counted on the support of the BrazilFoundation to strengthen its organization and its structure. New instruments were purchased, and its facilities and organizational management were improved. Its visibility increased and performances during Carnival generated a significant increase in revenues. The Band was designated a “Ponto de Cultura” (Point of Culture)* in 2009.

* Title of recognition awarded by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture to institutions that have made socio-cultural impacts in their communities.



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