Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee Donor Advised Grantee
Attended areas Education and Culture

Solar Meninos de Luz

Solar Meninos de Luz is a full-time school for 420 children and youth from the communities of Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The region of the state in which they work faces drug trafficking, poverty, public policy shortcomings, unsanitary conditions and violence. The organization works with children ages 3 months to 17 years, when they are ready to go to university or find jobs.

The organization works with these children for up to 10 hours per day. This allows parents to work and guarantee that their children have access to complementary education. More than 30 workshops, including Music, Dance, Theater, Sports, Information Science, Chess, English, etc, along with other ones such as Vocational Guidance and Entrepreneurship, are available to the students.

The Solar transforms lives through Education, using some of the most modern pedagogical methodologies, digital platforms and thematic areas.

In 1991, there was only one professional with a university education in the community. Since 2006, 88 students have graduated from high school, of which 70 have joined universities. Today, Solar Meninos de Luz has alumni trained in International Relations, Law, Business Administration, Dentistry and Biology, among others, causing great social transformation in the community.

Today, the institution’s highest costs are: teachers’ payroll, rent, food and gas, energy and water bills. The average cost is 300 thousand reais per month (75 thousand dollars). Although most of this amount has already been collected, there is a deficit of 50 thousand reais per month (12.5 thousand dollars).


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