Location Ilhéus, BA
Grantee Donor Advised
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement


In 2002, indigenous persons from the different ethnic groups of northeastern Brazil came together with non-indigenous collaborators to form the NGO Thydêwá.

Thydêwá aims to create a healthy planet where everyone can live as brothers and sisters, making diversity a positive experience. Its mission is to promote social change and peace, freedom and life, lead development programs for indigenous peoples and hold multicultural encounters to share knowledge.

Thydêwá believes that all living entities have the same rights. Freedom autonomy and co-responsibilities are the pillars of Thydêwá. It is raising funds from private donors so that it can help save the memory and culture of indigenous people in Brazil.


Your donation in USD$ to Thydêwá is tax-deductible in the USA.

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