Abraço Microcefalia Launches Book About Inclusion

11 de August de 2017 • Published in Grantees

Abraço Microcefalia Launches Book on Inclusion of Children Affected by Syndrome

Abraço Microcefalia is an initiative that was created by a group of volunteer mothers to give support to families and children affected by microcephaly. This past Tuesday, August 8th, the organization held a launch event for the children’s book Convivendo com as diferenças: uma menina chamada Nina (Co-existing with differences: a girl named Nina) at the Fair for Zika Health Solutions in Salvador. The book teaches about microcephaly in a fun and respectful way to promote the social and educational inclusion of children affected by the syndrome. The organization hopes to distribute the book throughout schools in Brazil.

According to Maria Joana Passos, President of Abraço a Microcefalia, the children’s book was born from a focus group survey that included specialists, volunteers, mothers and relatives of children with disabilities. “The initiative is an opportunity to touch the reader’s heart and give them insight into the another person’s limitations. It’s an opportunity to learn that there are many ways to communicate and that every child has the right to play, to communicate with others and be included in the school environment”, explains Joana.

The book was produced independently, with support from BrazilFoundation, under the editorial coordination of Maria Joana Passos, illustrated by Roddolfo Carvalho, authored by Martha Galrão, and produced by Yayá Comunicação.

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