The Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival

Los Angeles


The Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival (LABRFF) promotes Brazilian cinema since 2008, creating a showcase for Brazilian visual arts in the “Mecca of Filmmaking”, enabling the exchange of experiences between Brazilian and American film and media professionals, and encouraging new talent. Over this period LABRFF has shown hundreds of films that won critical recognition and received commercial distribution. Until this year 345 films have been screened and 105 awards were given.

In 2015 LABRFF will debut at Harmony Gold Theatre, on the famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. The festival begins on Sunday, September 13th with an Opening Ceremony. Throughout the week film premieres will be held at the Regent Theater in West Village for three days, and an Awards night will close with a beautiful tribute to the singer Renato Russo, with a show by tribute band Urbana Legion. The late singer was chosen to be honored for his passion and contribution to the 7th art, inspiring several productions. In addition, the 2nd Fair of Audiovisual Business (Film Market) during the festival, will promote pitching presentations of new projects for film, TV and web. The LABRFF stands as today’s most prestigious Brazilian film festivals internationally thanks to the results generated every new year that reflect positively on Brazilian cinema and film industry. LABRFF will be promoting BrazilFoundation and Grantee Projects related to film and media during all film screenings.

The Los Angeles Film Festival is a cultural event with free movie screening throughout the week. 

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