BrazilFoundation announces selected CSOs for support in 2022

13/09/2022 • Published in

BrazilFoundation announces selected CSOs for support in 2022

With great enthusiasm and expectation, we announce the result of the selection of civil society organizations for support in 2022: 37 CSOs from the five Brazilian regions will receive, together, around R$ 7 million from the foundation’s support program.

At this critical time when Brazilians face a crisis marked by food insecurity and growing historical social inequalities, this investment is even more essential for organizations to develop their actions and meet the demands of their communities.

“The announcement of those selected for our annual support programs is always a very important moment for us, as we have an extremely positive track record in relation to the organizations chosen. To give you an idea, 80% of the civil society organizations contemplated since 2002 are still active, promoting important socioeconomic changes in Brazil.” – Rebecca Tavares, President and CEO of BrazilFoundation.

With 22 years of experience, BrazilFoundation has created an effective methodology for selecting, training, mentoring, and monitoring civil society organizations that represent the large ethnic, racial, gender, and geographic diversity of Brazil and work to solve critical problems in their communities.

The process involves sending an invitation letter, analysis of proposals, interviews and/or in-loco visits and detailed evaluation of the organizations, so that we can then select the projects with the most potential for scale and impact. The initiatives are followed up through empathic monitoring and receive training to strengthen themselves institutionally.

This year, specific processes were carried out for funds from philanthropic dinners, strategic partnerships and the Luz Alliance Fund – the latter recently launched by Gisele Bündchen, a partner of the BrazilFoundation since 2020. with the following themes: education and professional qualification, socioeconomic development, environment and climate change, racial and gender equity, socioeconomic reintegration of people released from the prison system.

Meet the selected CSOs:
With resources from Philanthropic Events:



1. Ação Educativa

São Paulo

2. Labor Educacional

São Paulo


Socioeconomic Development

3. Associação dos Pequenos Agricultores do Assentamento Tiradentes,


4. CEPFS – Centro de Educação Popular e Formação Social


5. Instituto de Conservação e Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Amazônia IDESAM,


6. Instituto Mãe Terra


7. Fundo Agbara

São Paulo



8. Fundação Neotrópica do Brasil

Mato Grosso do Sul

9. Instituto do Homem Pantaneiro

Mato Grosso do Sul

10. Observatório do Marajó


11. Sociedade de Pesquisa em Vida Selvagem e Educação Ambiental – SPVS


Seed Investment

12. Instituto Reúna

São Paulo

With resources from Strategic Partnerships:


Support for civil society organizations that contribute to leveraging socio-economic development initiatives and concrete economic opportunities for the population of Igarapé, Brumadinho and São Joaquim de Bicas, in Minas Gerais.

1. Centro Popular de Cultura e Desenvolvimento – CPCD

Belo Horizonte

2. Centro de Referência Ambiental e Cultural João Amazonas

São Joaquim de Bicas

3. Instituto Metamorfose


4. Instituto Naação


5. Prronto


6. Instituto Ramacrisna


7. Epicentro Urihi



Support for civil society organizations that develop effective solutions for social reintegration for people released from systems of restriction of liberty, contributing to the socioeconomic reintegration of this population

1. Associação Cultural de Desenvolvimento do Apenado e Egresso – Acuda


2. Associação Elas Existem Mulheres Encarceradas


3. AfroReggae

Rio de Janeiro

4. Cooperativa de Trabalho Social de Egressos, Familiares de Egressos e de Reeducandos de Sorocaba e Região – Coopereso

São Paulo

5. Estamparia Social

São Paulo

6. Passarela Alternativa

São Paulo

7. Ponto Firme

São Paulo

8. Instituto Recomeçar

São Paulo

9. Instituto Responsa

São Paulo

Meet the organizations supported by the Luz Alliance Fund here.