FICA – Community Real Estate Fund for Rent

São Paulo, SP
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FICA – Fundo Imobiliário Comunitário para Aluguel

Fending off gentrification by acquiring real estate to make it affordable at non-speculative prices

Land and property are scarce resources concentrated in the hands of few. This reality makes the social and responsible use of these assets increasingly rare, especially when driven by market and private interests. When these resources are in prime locations, the stakes are even higher: rents surge, evictions pick up, and gentrification spreads.

FICA believes there is an alternative to the speculative housing market, providing low-income people access to affordable housing. The initiative was started by a small group of people in São Paulo, Brazil in 2015. FICA is dedicated to moving beyond discourse by taking steps to protect real estate from unchecked market forces and speculation, thus ensuring its use in an economical, just and sustainable manner.

FICA is a collectively owned real estate fund:

It protects land from speculation to guarantee more equal access to this resource;
Ensures social justice in the use of property, and fends off gentrification;
Seeks diversity, permanence and safety for the communities in the territory;
Acquires real estate to make it accessible for a fair and non-speculative price;
Builds alternative models to the traditional real estate market through a growing network of donors and contributors, like you;
FICA cultivates a better city. Here. Now. Together.


Be a part of FICA: Collectively financing fair housing

Help to safeguard one more piece of real estate from speculation and support their crowdfunding campaign. Their goal is to raise US$40,000 during the Biennial to purchase a small apartment in downtown São Paulo. You, too, can contribute any amount and leave your mark on São Paulo by joining their mission to ensure ethical, affordable, quality housing.

Together, you can build an equal city. Make a tax-deductible donation below.