Robotics to stimulate ideas and innovation

22 de January de 2009 • Published in Uncategorized

As part of the program “Block by Block: the Brazil we want.” 20 grantee organizations will benefit from a partnership between BrazilFoundation, LEGO Group and ZOOM Educational Publisher of Brazil and BrazilFoundation. The project uses LEGO blocks, cinema and educational robotics to stimulate participants’ reflection about their communities.

Robotics labs will be set up in the 20 appointed organizations, which work with teenagers and youth from 10 to 17 years of age. The workshops will provide a space for finding creative solutions to the needs of the community, where young people will be able to express their ideas and aspirations for building a new country.

During the project, BrazilFoundation will liaise with the benefited entities and will give them support during the implementation of the methodology. The project will be coordinated by EDAcom Technology Group, which has created the methodology, and has brought educational robotics to more than 3,000 schools throughout Brazil. The workshops use science, logic and technology as pedagogical tools as well as tools to stimulate reflection about local development.

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