Help the families of Petrópolis

18 de February de 2022 • Published in CampaignsUncategorized

Help the families of Petrópolis

BrazilFoundation is in solidarity with the residents of Petrópolis in Rio de Janeiro state who were affected by the floods in the region, and with everyone who lost a loved one in this tragedy.

In recent months, several cities in Brazil and worldwide have suffered from heavy storms and other consequences of climate change. Our donors supported the victims in Minas Gerais and Bahia, and now it’s time to help the families of Petrópolis.

In the next two weeks, all donations received for flood victims will be directed to the Center for Defense of Human Rights (CDDH), created in 1979 to protect Human Rights and which today is providing support to flood victims.

If you live in the US, making a donation through BrazilFoundation is a safe way to make a difference and receive a tax exemption.

Campaign ended.