Environment & Climate Change Fund

Strengthening of indigenous, traditional and local peoples in the search for sustainable livelihoods


The Environment & Climate Change Fund will encourage Brazilian CSOs, with a socio-environmental base, that work to strengthen native peoples and traditional and local populations in the search for sustainable livelihoods. The support seeks to encourage the development of new regenerative and/or circular economy practices through the role played by traditional and/or community groups in the 6 Brazilian biomes.


Conserve and restore areas of forests and native forests in the 6 Brazilian biomes


Socio-environmental solutions and technologies expanded and implemented in different territories

Why Environment and Climate Change?

Brazilian biomes are part of the most robust ecosystems in the world, with immeasurable potential to contribute to significant advances in the global climate agenda.

However, systemic environmental degradation impacts Brazilian sustainable development, the maintenance of the lives of *local and native populations, the proliferation of endemics and pandemics, and the advancement of the global climate change agenda.

Local and native populations living in Brazilian ecosystems are affected by the intensive, illegal, or unregulated exploitation of natural resources by extractive production systems.

Meio Ambiente e Mudanças Climáticas

Support for initiatives that work with the protection and dissemination of sustainable livelihoods and the rights of traditional and local populations.

The Fund will strengthen local efforts to develop sustainable livelihoods, education and environmental conservation, in addition to the development of technologies to combat deforestation and extermination of native fauna and flora.