Volunteer in Miami Organizes Jeans Day for BrazilFoundation

11 de May de 2015 • Published in Sem categoria

Last Friday Luigi Caldeira, a BrazilFoundation volunteer active in the Miami chapter organized a “jeans day” at the Miami Law firm Shutts & Bowen. A paralegal at the firm, the day raised funds for BrazilFoundation by giving employees the option to wear jeans instead of business attire for a day, in exchange for a donation to BrazilFoundation. At the end of the day, the initiative raised over US$300.  A big thanks to Luigi and everyone at Shutts & Bowen for contributing to the jeans day campaign! You, too, can host a jeans day at your place of employment. Contact newyork@brazilfoundation.org to find out how.

“At BrazilFoundation I have learned that every opportunity to help is a unique and gratifying because I know that my contribution is changing someone else’s life.

As an advocate I believe that the spirit of philanthropy has to be cultivated everywhere you go, including at work. This Jeans Day initiative at Shutts & Bowen reminds us of the countless opportunities we have to get others involved, to help, to cultivate philanthropy, to DONATE! Can you just imagine if every professional or business owner would embrace this Jeans Day idea to raise funds for BrazilFoundation?”