Location Belo Horizonte, MG
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Construindo Produtos para Reconstrução de Cidadania

Income generation opportunities for cancer patients and their families by repurposing food waste

ASPEC serves socially vulnerable people with cancer; low income people that often face difficulties accessing safe housing and proper nutrition.

ASPEC acts to raise awareness and engage the public in the fight against cancer and in its early diagnosis, contributing to a higher quality of treatment. It offers social and psychological assistance, disseminates information, creates opportunities for work and supplemental income, and strengthens family and community ties.

This project will enable people served by ASPEC, and their families to make full use of food and enable supplemental income by marketing what is produced. Additionally, this initiative will decrease waste while promoting a healthy and adequate diet, encouraging cancer prevention.

With BrazilFoundation’s support, ASPEC will offer:

• Training for 60 cancer patients and their families in food preparation and commercialize what is produced;
• Classes in entrepreneurship, food preparation, financial investment and sustainability;
• Guidance for small business creation to enter the market as a cooperative, an association, or individually;
• Six months of technical support ensuring commercial viability.


Supplemental income for 60 cancer patients
Food preparation and marketing, decreasing waste and increasing fundamental nutrition
Small business creation

“Promoting supplemental income policies such as this help increase family income and; consequently, help overcome social vulnerability.” – ASPEC team

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