Location Manaus, AM
Grantee 2019
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Rede de Guardiões da Floresta

Guardians of the Forest using technology for environmental monitoring

Due to the expansive size of Amazonas state and its relatively small environmental monitoring network, many environmental infractions go unpunished. Although the violations are overlooked by the supervisory bodies, they do not go unnoticed by the people who live there.

The mission of Amazônia Mais is to assist with the sustainable development of the rainforest, uniting technology and entrepreneurialism to keep it alive. Along with measures to protect and appreciate the locale, they also created “Meu Ambiente” (My Environment), an application through which residents can report environmental crimes to public authorities, which are then forwarded to Public Prosecutors.

The project will empower residents through environmental education, teaching them how to identify environmental infractions and how to use the app. The project’s aim is to establish a long-term network of forest “guardians” made up of locals.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Amazônia Mais proposes to:

• Provide environmental education, including environmental monitoring and violation detection, to residents from 8 municipalities;
• Teach residents to use the application;
• Reach out to schools, universities, community centers and the Secretary of the Environment;
• Present local environmental infractions to authorities;
• Accompany the monitoring networks remotely.


Citizens empowered to protect the environment in Amazonas state
Technology contributing to environmental protection and preservation
Residents ready to report environmental infractions

“Thanks to the Guardians of the Forest, we’ll have eyes and arms to support environmental oversight in the state and information to subsidize public policies in the region.” – Amazônia Mais Team

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