Location Rosário da Limeira, MG
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Florestas para Água

Reversing Environmental Degradation by Means of Forest Restoration in Renascent Areas

100 years ago, the Zona da Mata was the richest region in Minas Gerais; today it is one of the most environmentally-damaged. Deforestation and commercial agriculture – which includes the application of agro-toxins – have resulted in soil degradation and contributed to a water crisis in the area, threatening the livelihoods of the family farmers there.

Founded in 1999, the organization Amigos de Iracambi works in forest conservation. In 2015 it launched the “Florestas para Água” project to combat the serious problem of environmental degradation through public awareness and forest restoration efforts.

With support from BrazilFoundation the Association will:

• Mobilize 1,000 people and encourage farmers to participate in the project;
• Donate 100 trees to each of the 30 farming families;
• Initiate a movement to reverse environmental damage through forest restoration;
• Develop an environmental model in which costs and benefits are shared by the community.


3,000 trees planted in renascent areas
Water resource protection, soil regeneration, and oxygen creation
Contributions to combat climate change

“We clear cut forests for economic development, but often, in a poorly-planned way. Now, we are experiencing the results of a serious water crisis on this planet.” – Guilherme Valvasori, Project Coordinator of Florestas para Água

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