Location Iranduba, AM
Grantee 2019
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Transição Agroecológica no Assentamento de Projeto de Desenvolvimento Sustentável Cachoeira

Supporting settler families and farmers to transition to sustainable methods of agriculture

APOI aims to help riverside farmers sell their products and provide healthier options for their consumers by adopting various agro-ecological production techniques.

Their project aims to help family farmers who have been displaced from the banks of the Solimões River due to landslides, caused by water erosion leading to the destruction of their land, which destroyed their crops – their only source of income. Now on new land, they will learn how to use agro-ecological techniques which guarantee long-term production without dependance on chemicals.

The organization will train farmers in organic practices, encourage crop diversification and include harvested crops in marketing channels such as agro-ecological markets.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Associação will:

• Train 20 farming families in agroecological farming systems;
• Evaluate ecological practices adopted for soil fertility monitoring and the grower’s income;
• Incorporate growers in fair marketing channels.


75 families to be trained in agroecological farming
Families staying on their land producing sustainably
Production commercialized in organic farmer’s markets and regional trade

“This project has the potential to catalyze socioeconomic transformation in this community, attract income and promote social inclusion.” – APOI Team

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