Location Paralheiros, SP
Grantee 2014
Attended areas Education and Culture

Resgatando e Construindo Nossa Cultura

Capoeira and civic engagement: Integrated development for youths on the outskirts of São Paulo

The region of Parelheiros, in the far southern end of the city of São Paulo has high rates of violence and poverty. Residents have no access to cultural resources, areas of leisure, or public assistance services.The Associação Cultural Filhos da Corrente was created in 1995 to promote public access to sports and to social and cultural activities. Filhos da Corrente also encourages the civic engagement of at-risk children and adolescents, while creating means for them to grow up as healthy individuals. The organization offers these youths, including some who are under correctional supervision, capoeira workshops and cultural activities.

By training capoeira instructors and students in conflict resolution skills, the organization has managed to grow. This project was funded by BrazilFoundation in 2013. In recognition of its excellent results, it continued to receive support in 2014.

With support from BrazilFoundation in 2013, the organization managed to:

• Finish construction of its new headquarters;
• Develop the social, music, and motor skills of its students;
• Educate students and capoeira instructors on topics of youth and children’s rights.


Growth from 60 students to 1200 students
Trained 20 instructors and students in conflict management
Became a “Cultural Reference”

“The partnership between Filhos da Corrente and BrazilFoundation has been very fruitful and brought great results. Thanks to this partnership, we have managed to expand our project even more.” – Renato Alexandre (Mestre Magrão), organization leader

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