Location Barra do Mugres, MT
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Viver no Quilombo

Expanding Cassava Farming to Increase Incomes for Young Farmers

There are few employment opportunities for youth in the quilombola community of São José do Baixio. As a result, these youth end up migrating to urban areas for work, only to end up exploited as cheap labor. The Association was created in response to the rural exodus of its youth to urban areas, working to create local income generation opportunities and greater appreciation for local traditions.

The project plans to train local youth and build a factory for producing cassava flour, with the intent of increasing incomes and discouraging youth flight to urban centers.

With support from BrazilFoundation the Association will:

• Provide technical instruction for 16 youth quilombos to help them establish sustainable sources of incomes;
• Teach youth about coops and associations, industrializing the mandioca production process, and best practices in agriculture;
• Obtain the proper equipment to efficiently produce cassava flour;
• Build a shed to house the machines;


31 farming families, totalling 159 people, benefited
Greater incomes for 16 families
Reducing the rural exodus by 16 youths

“Our land produces high-quality cassava, but our traditional way of producing it is very inefficient. Industrializing [this process] will generate income for the families who are involved.” -José Carlos dos Santos, of Associação dos pequenos produtores rurais são José do Baixio

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