Location Garopaba, SC
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Social Enterprise

Garopaba Recicla

Producing surf boards from plastic bottles to teach environmental awareness

Trash accumulation is a major contributor to the environmental degradation of Brazil’s beaches and mangroves. Associação Eco Garopaba was founded by a surfer who wanted to reduce the volume of trash and severity of the damage caused by litter in the oceans. The Association decided to make surfboards from recycled plastic bottles as a way to promote environmental awareness and the practice of sports. Their work also includes training people to teach in schools and in the community.

Their project aims to spread awareness throughout Garopaba on the need for waste management, correct waste disposal and recycling. It will also promote social and ecological awareness among students, residents and tourists. Students from public schools will also learn how to build surfboards from recycled plastic bottles as a source of income, and be trained as multipliers to share this knowledge with others.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the Association intends to:

• Create ways to reduce waste;
• Train public officials on recycling, composting, and more;
• Teach youth to build surfboards from recycled plastic bottles;
• Bring environmental education to children in schools.


Youth generating income by building surfboards
Awareness on recycling and waste management
Creating a positive environmental impact on Garopaba’s beaches

“The project aims not only to train people, but also promote ecological awareness and sports among youth.” -Eco Garopaba team

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