Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Education and Culture

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Curso Preparatório do Ensino Médio

Preparatory Courses Enabling Access to Quality Public Institutions

One of the greatest challenges faced by low-income youth is entering the labor market. More than 50% of residents in the Maré neighborhood are children and teens under 21 years of age, a population with an average level of educational obtainment of only four years. There is therefore a tendency for these youth to become part of the large contingent of “neither studying, nor working” – a circumstance which, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, today describes one in five young Brazilians aged 15 to 29.

To increase basic educational attainment and expand employment opportunities, Redes da Maré created a preparatory course for high schoolers. The goal of the course is to promote their access to quality public education institutions.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Redes da Maré aims to:

• Reach a 20% admissions rate for high schoolers in public education institutions, such as UFRJ’s high schools , technical schools such as CEFET and FAETEC, Pedro II high school, and others;
• Provide Portuguese, Mathematics, Geography, History, Biology, Physics and Chemistry classes;
• Encourage students to stay in school past the elementary level.


140 graduating students each year
Youth with access to quality academic instruction
Youth prepared to enter the job market

“Starting these 9th graders off on their academic journey creates a foundation for them to learn and create futures for themselves.” – Redes da Maré team

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