Location Santos, SP
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Education and Culture

Oficina do Futuro

Sociocultural Workshops for Children and Adolescents in Santos

Children and adolescents facing unstable family situations in low-income communities in Santos often lack access to activities in culture and the arts. Through education, Tavma Association works to develop life skills and healthy values and attitudes in children so that they can be included and active participants in society. Through art, the association provides the children character-building opportunities.

The Oficina do Futuro project will provide extracurricular, sociocultural classes and self-expression activities for children and adolescents in the central region of Santos. The classes will be inclusive and free, breaking boundaries to promote their inclusion and personal development.

With an incentive award from BrazilFoundation, the Association aims to:

• Develop fundraising strategies;
• Create an organizational sustainability plan.


Character building, cultural activities
580 people reached each year

“By developing positive relationships with yourself, others, nature, and your environment, you develop healthy habits in overcoming challenges.” – Oficina do Futuro Team

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