Location Manaus, AM
Grantee 2019
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Economia Criativa e Soluções Financeiras

Fostering an indigenous artisan women’s supply chain to increase incomes

Zagaia encourages a creative economy and supports the commerce of Amazonian artisanry by providing professional training and market access
to artisans. Founded in 1985, the association has solid experience in design, marketing and sales, and has been working to stimulate entrepreneurship and socio-economic development in riverside communities of the region.

Associação de Mulheres Indígenas do Alto Rio Negro, located in Manaus, is one of the oldest associations in Brazil and makes work and income possible for the indigenous women, in the capital city, who are looking for a better quality of life. Today, various financial problems put its existence at risk. With the funds, Zagaia will help create financial solutions for the indigenous women’s group which is seeking autonomy and sustainability, in addition to reinforcing the methods of craftsmanship “artesania” which embody the characteristics and history of this population aiding in affirming its identity.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the project will:

• Purchase supplies, machines and equipment to produce a new collection;
• Provide courses to improve the product, pricing, and cultural value of the products;
• Support commercial management and sales of the developed products.


Promoting the indigenous artisan women’s supply chain
Strengthen the conservation of material and immaterial culture of amazonian art
70 indigenous women and their families will benefit

“The socio-economic development of the amazon region is a daily challenge which we attempt to minimize through opportunities via projects like this one.” – Zagaia Team

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