Location rio de janeiro, rj
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Empreendedoras Populares

Supporting women street vendors to strengthen their roles as valuable entrepreneurs in the urban economy

Gênero Importa develops projects that contribute to gender equality in the labor market and improved generation of income for women. Focusing on the training of street women who work in the downtown Rio de Janeiro, the initiative wants to diversify actions that strengthen women’s entrepreneurship, developing skills and attitudes in the informal street trade.

A study of carioca female street vendors done by Casa de Mulher Trabalhadora (House of Working Women) in 2012 showed that only 37% did have elementary education, 46% were the sole provider for their household, 38% declared themselves to be brown and 27% black. The aim, therefore, is to strengthen the entrepreneurial model at the base of the pyramid, fostering more just and socially egalitarian productive chains.

The project will provide tools and expertise so that these women can manage their business more strategically and be aware of their social and economic role. The workshops will also work on management and marketing techniques and stimulate entrepreneurial repositioning, taking into consideration their business dynamic realities and work dynamics.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Gênero Importa proposes to:

• Conduct 5 training modules with 50 female street vendors;
• Publicize workshop results on five media channels;
•Compile 40 timelines showing the entrepreneurial journey;
• Create a website with the publication of the timelines and trajectories of the participants.


Contribute to gender equality in the workforce
50 Female street vendors understanding their social and economic role
Increase of income, better educational opportunities and access to credit

“It is important that the women street vendors positively visualize their activities, both in terms of their rights and the role they play in the urban economy.” – Gênero Importa team

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