Location Fortaleza, CE
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Coletivo Desenvolvedoras da Periferia

Fostering Local Development by Training Women in IT and Entrepreneurship

There are still great gender inequalities in the workforce in Brazil. In the technology sector, for example, women earn 30% less than men even when having attained the same level of schooling and when holding the same positions, according to PNAD data. It is also worth considering that only 10% of all students in Engineering and the Computer Sciences are women, according to the Ministry of Education.

Banco da Periferia works to promote socioeconomic development through socially-responsible financing. Its Laboratory for Innovation and Research in Socially-Responsible Financing (Palmas Lab) conducts studies and develops ways to improve the capacity of entrepreneurs through IT. The lab looks to the realities of the local communities to help develop, produce, and share its solutions. The Coletivo Desenvolvedoras da Periferia aims to stimulate local entrepreneurship and innovation by working to include women in the technology sector.

With Support from BrazilFoundation, the project aims to:

• Provide 400 hours of classes to 20 young women on entrepreneurialism, the social economy, and developing apps, websites, and media content;
• Provide workshops on project development, governance, and compliance;
• Develop PalmasNet, an internet-community initiative.


400 hours of classes on app and website development
20 women trained

“Our objective is for these youth to be able to create the “Coletivo de Desenvolvedoras da Periferia”, and increase female leadership in IT by transforming their local community.” – Asier Ansorena, Instituto Banco da Periferia

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