Location Recife, PE
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development


Improving Homes to Minimize Health Risks to Children Caused by Improper Housing

The Pina community is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Recife, lacking basic infrastructure such as clean water, plumbing, electricity, streetlights, trash collection, and paved roads. 30% of the children served by Instituto Constelação live in dilapidated houses made from scraps of wood and cloth, while others live in shacks propped up on stilts that are at risk of collapsing or creating conditions for disease transmission.

Instituto Constelação works with children living in conditions of extreme poverty by providing them health and sports services, sports and leisure activities, family assistance and referrals for social services. Their project aims to combat the disease and health risks faced by these children and their families by making structural repairs to their inadequate housing.

With support from BrazilFoundation the organization will:

• Reach 250 people living in inadequate housing;
• Fix and improve electrical systems in the community;
• Improve sanitary conditions in homes;
• Benefit 2000 people indirectly.


Housing improvements for kids and families
Better health and safety conditions for 250 people
2000 people benefited indirectly

“In order for us to make a true difference in a child’s life, we must have a more holistic perspective. The local residents have many needs.” – IC Team

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