Location São Paulo, SP
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Education and Culture

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Curso de Tecnologia para Jovens da Periferia

Training in Technology and Entrepreneurship for Youth from Poá

Instituto Gerando Falcões was created with the goal of encouraging youth from low-income communities to work for a better future for themselves and change their circumstances. The idea behind the institute began with the young social entrepreneur Eduardo Lyra, who was born and raised in a favela in São Paulo.
The institute is currently active in various communities and prisons, utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach that involves sports, culture and income generation. Its socio-educational activities, which have already reached more than 100,000 children and adolescents, show youth that there are other opportunities and life paths than the ones that they may be given. The project proposes to work with 30 youths, ages 14-19, who lack access to higher education or to professional training opportunities. The project intends to provide these youth with opportunities to study and gain professional skills in technology and innovation.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Instituto Gerando Falcões aims to provide:

• Training in programming and entrepreneurship;
• 8 hours of weekly classes for 12 months;
• English classes;
• Talks and mentoring.


Professional and Entrepreneurship-oriented educational program for youth
Technology and innovation for youth development
30 youth prepared for the job market
“ The belief that ‘it doesn’t matter where you’re from, but where you’re going’ is what moves us. The past, of course, will influence – but not determine – who you will be.” – Gerando Falcões Team

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