Location Tefé, AM
Grantee 2019
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Centro Vocacional Tecnológico

Technological and vocational training for indigenous and riverside youth

IDSM develops studies and activities geared towards the preservation of the Amazon wetlands and the sustainability of local populations. The initiative fosters biodiversity conservation and produces technical scientific knowledge to advise on environmental management and the sustainable use of the Amazon’s natural resources.

The Médio Solimões region, where the organization works, comprises 6 municipalities that present the lowest HDI levels in the entire state of Amazonas (PNUD, 2010). There, it is common for children to begin high school much later than usual due to both lack of incentives to study and few professional training opportunities. With the resources, IDSM plans to offer indigenous and riverside youth training in social technology to improve their quality of life and promote local sustainable development.

With support from BrazilFoundation, IDSM aims to provide:

• Training for 25 youths in the sustainable handling of natural resources, citizenship and public policy, collaborative management and associativism;
• Training in the use of notebooks as management tools;
• Tutoring in accounting, information sciences, mathematics and Portuguese.


25 youths to be trained to improve community work
Strengthening sustainable practices and better quality of life
Youth sharing knowledge with local farmers

“Strengthening these community leaders is an umbrella encompassing the forest’s conservation and the improvement of the local population’s quality of life.” – Mamirauá Team

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