Location Salvador, BA
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Ujamaa – Acelerando Pequenos Negócios em Salvador

Providing Mentoring and Technical Training for Small Businesses in Salvador

Conceived by a group of young people, Instituto Mídia Étnica (Ethnic Media Institute) carries out projects to ensure the human right of communication and the use of technological tools by socially excluded groups, especially the Afro-Brazilian community. Many projects have been developed in the past ten years, such as Correio Nagô, one of the largest portals for information and diffusion of content about black culture, with more than 100,000 site hits per month.

The project will carry out intensive training and mentoring for startups of young leaders from Salvador, with the goal of increasing their visibility and potential for expansion. They also intend to transform the past success cases into an inspiration for other black or low income youth.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Instituto Mídia Étnica aims to:

• Train and mentor the small businesses of six young entrepreneurs;
• Offer technical visits and planning support;
• Provide lectures about management and communication;
• Produce institutional videos.


Mentoring for young entrepreneurs
6 small businesses benefited
Use of communication and technology to broaden potential of businesses

“The Brazilian black community has not yet understood that entrepreneurship can be a viable way to empower marginalized communities.” – Paulo Rogério, leader of the organization.”

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