Location São Paulo, SP
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Social Enterprise

Maker Quebrada

Incubating Social Enterprises as a Transformation Tool for Youth from the Outskirts of São Paulo

Visionários began as a program that provides six months of training for youth to find creative and interactive solutions to socioeconomic challenges. While middle and upper middle class entrepreneurial youth have access to resources to accelerate their ideas and startups, including opportunities to work with influential, senior mentors and to obtain seed funding, those from low-income areas particularly do not. Visionários created its “Maker Quebrada” program to provide equal access to training to youth from low-income areas and engage them to create and promote socioeconomic justice.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Visionários aims to:

• Offer entrepreneurial training to 30-40 youths from Campo Limpo, Capão Redondo, Cidade Ademar, Grajaú and Jardim Angela;
• Provide guidance to 10 social organizations;
• Involve 15 mentors in the training with the organizations and team;
• Foster the creation of at least 3 social businesses by the end of the program.


30 youths receiving entrepreneurial training
282 youth entrepreneurs already trained
Guidance for 10 social organizations

“I foremost believe that each one of us came into the world for a reason, to do something that only she or he – and no one else – can do.” – Lilo Chachamovits, Visionários CEO

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