Location São Gonçalo, RJ
Grantee 2015
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

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Núcleo Especial de Atendimento à Criança e ao Adolescente Vítima de Violência Doméstica e Sexual

Care for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence

With more than one million residents, São Gonçalo is now the second most populous city in the state of Rio de Janeiro. As is common in large cities, there are problems with violence, access to sanitation, and urban mobility.
The Movimento has worked for 25 years to guarantee women’s rights, focusing on sexual and reproductive rights and the prevention of STDs, as well as combating all forms of violence in the region and in other municipalities. Headquartered in São Gonçalo, the organization has 5 branches in Niterói, Mage, Araruama, and Marica, in Rio de Janeiro.

With support from the BrazilFoundation Women’s Fund, the project will:

• Ensure access to care services for 50 victims of violence;
• Expand activities focused on prevention and early detection of violence;
• Hire professionals for workshops and lectures in schools and for producing informational materials.


• Support for 50 survivors of sexual violence
• Workshops in schools
• Informational materials on violence prevention
“Everyone needs to be aware of their rights and understand that this is not just a women’s issue, but a societal issue.”- Regina Célia, Desk and Integration Policies for women of São Gonçalo


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