Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Health

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Promoção da saúde das mulheres

Multidisciplinary Outpatient Care and Disease Prevention for Women in Communities Throughout Rio De Janeiro

Roughly 62% of the more than 5,000 women residents of the Cantagalo and Pavão/Pavãozinho favelas earn a salary of only up to one minimum wage. In these communities there is only one public clinic, in it working only three doctors – falling far short of meeting the needs of an area that sees high rates of violence against women, and alarming birth and mortality rates.
In 2010 a group of professionals and volunteers from diverse fields came together to with the Associação de Moradores do Cantagalo to create a clinic called “Postinho”. In this clinic, youth and women ages 15 and up can receive outpatient care for general needs as well as digestive, psychological and nutritional concerns. Furthermore, the clinic offers physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, floral therapy and reiki treatment.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the organization proposes to:

• Expand the clinic’s space;
• Conduct group therapy for victims of domestic violence, drug abusers, the elderly, and pregnant teens, touching on diverse themes such as STD prevention;
• Increase the number of people reached five-fold.


More than 300 people reached monthly
More humanized treatment plans
Multidisciplinary healthcare for women, focusing on prevention

“Rede Postinho believes that when you care for a woman on multiple levels, you are caring for her entire family as well!” Rede Postinho Team

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