Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Education and Culture


Developing personal and vocational skills for justice-involved youth

Revoar was born from the dream of working in education to promote human integrity by strengthening youth. The idea is to encourage young people to reflect on their talents, dreams and vocations to make choices more in line with their goals. As a pedagogical path, Revoar seeks to value socio-emotional competences, social coexistence, self-awareness and collaboration. All fundamental learning tools for the comprehensive development of individuals and included in school curriculum, but rarely used. After training, the idea is to create opportunities for them to be future facilitators.

The project will run its course with young people in situations of vulnerability; students from public school in areas affected by violence and adolescents fulfilling socio-educational remediation measures, in places where the lack the of projects and opportunities increase the chance of recurrence resulting in fewer possibilities for a better life.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Revoar intends to:

• Train 35 young people from public schools and fulfilling socio-educational remediation measures;
• Work with methodologies such as Cooperation Pedagogy, Dragon Dreaming, Coaching, Meditation, Non-Violent Communication;
• Produce life projects (work, personal, educational) with young people.


35 young people
developing skills and life projects

Empowering skills for a life with new possibilities
Innovative technologies and collaborative methodologies for youth development

“The impact on the lives of young people and the territory is extremely relevant as they reflect on who they are and their motivations allowing them to expand their self- vision.” – Revoar team

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