Location Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro
Grantee 2006
Attended areas Education and Culture

Pelos Caminhos do Jongo

SAPE emerged in the 1980’s to react against the changes taking place in Angra dos Reis, with the installation of Nuclear Plants and Oil Terminal, and the construction of the Rio-Santos highway. The organization works in the areas of environmental education, ecotourism and the strengthening of local culture. The project “Pelos Caminhos do Jongo” won an Incentive Award in 2005, and the project received the rest of the grant in 2006.

The project was formed by a group of descendants of Maroons in Bracuí, and sought to recover the tradition of “Jongo” (a dance of African origin) to strengthen the community and preserve their traditions. The project was crucial in structuring the Association and strengthening its fight for land ownership. The project also offered workshops in handicrafts, tourism, agroforestry, and computer skills, funded by the Ministry of Agrarian Development, and helped to start the construction of the community’s house of culture. The project won the “Cultura Viva” prize, awarded by the Ministry of Culture.

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