Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Grantee 2014
Attended areas Education and Culture

Universidade da Correria

Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

Universidade da Correria began out of the desire to encourage a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, was born in Complexo da Maré. The idea emerged in 2011 from a creative entrepreneur from a low-income community who proposed collaborations between small entrepreneurial communities. The idea was for these entrepreneurs to share knowledge on topics such as business and social enterprise, as well as their own business ideas.

Universidade da Correria offers courses using a learning methodology focused on creating models and prototypes, and implementing business plans. This approach brings together people of various social strata to build collaborative networks. These courses, which include both in-classroom activities and distance learning, are held both in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Through these lessons, students learn to develop and operate sustainable enterprises, focusing on income generation and collaborative networks.


With support from BrazilFoundation, and in the initial phase of its grant cycle, UniCorre has already started the course for 22 students and held several classes and workshops, the workshop in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs Week involving 140 young entrepreneurs.

“The course does more than just ‘teach’ business; the project aims to inspire in people the desire to lead the creative process. ” Dinho, Founder of Universidade da Correria


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