CHANEL Will Present the II Gala São Paulo

20 de March de 2015 • Published in Events

Preparations for the II BrazilFoundation Gala São Paulo are already underway, with nearly 2 months until the event. We are thrilled to announce that CHANEL will be the presenting sponsor of the gala, to be held May 25th at Sala São Paulo. With the theme “Youth Transforming Brazil”, this edition of the gala will honor four young Brazilians who are doing extraordinary work in their communities, creating a positive image of Brazil through their talent: Lilian Prado Silva, founder of micro-credit institution and BrazilFoundation grantee ACREDITAR; Rene Silva, founder of newspaper Voz da Comunidade; Cacique Vhera Poty of BrazilFoundation grantee Instituto Sementes ao Vento. Designer Pedro Lourenco will be given the Global Brazilian Award. The II Gala São Paulo will also feature a special edition of the Pimp My Carroça project by “ artivist” Tiago Mundano, a project that uses graffiti art as a tool to value garbage collectors as important environmental agents. Paulo Leme, President of Goldman Sachs Brazil, will chair the event.