XX BrazilFoundation Gala New York

22/09/2023 • Published in Events

Exciting is the word that sums up this night! We celebrated the twentieth year of BrazilFoundation’s New York Galas, joined by both longtime supporters from our first gala in 2003 at the University Club and new ones, reflecting on our significant two-decade journey together. 

We gathered last night and recognized individuals and organizations whose dedication and efforts have transformed the lives of countless Brazilians. This year, we were pleased to recognize and honor Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (FAS) with the 2023 Socio-environmental Leadership Award for its work in education, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. We are also pleased to honor Rachel Maia, Chair of the Board of the UN Global Compact in Brazil, with the 2023 Sustainable Development Goals Award, and outstanding Lia Aguiar with the 2023 Philanthropy Leadership Award. This year’s Human Rights Award will honor Diva Moreira for her lifelong dedication to the defense of human rights and racial equality. 

“The feeling of greater equity, of sitting at the table with a President, with Virgílio from FAS, but also with indigenous people from distant villages who come here to tell us, ‘we are all sitting at a table to discuss the present and the future, not just the future’.” Rachel Maia emphasized the importance of creating spaces and opportunities for diversity. 

Diva Moreira, the daughter of a domestic worker and the granddaughter of an enslaved man, received a standing ovation from the guests. Diva was one of the pioneers of equality movements, human rights, and the democratization of Brazil. We were deeply honored to recognize her history. 

Over the past decades, and with the help of many people, BrazilFoundation has committed to advancing innovation, expanding opportunities, and promoting a more just society. We have invested in social and racial equity by financing initiatives that promote education, entrepreneurship, and economic empowerment for historically marginalized groups. We have witnessed incredible stories of change, hope, and resilience. 

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this event possible: Ambipar for its generous support and partnership. To the Benefactors, Patrons, Friends, Supporters, Auction Donors, Institutional Supporters, and our Gala Committee

We thank everyone for helping us build a brighter tomorrow for Brazil. Together, we can support civil society organizations (CSOs) that promote social and racial equity, education, entrepreneurship, and economic empowerment for historically marginalized groups. 

At the XX Gala NY, we gathered to celebrate our achievements, but also to look to the future with hope and ambition. We invite you to continue donating; your support is essential to our ongoing journey towards a better Brazil.