Designated Funds

Contributing to national and international fundraising efforts of CSOs

How it works

The Designated Fund (DF) is a fund created for an organization in Brazil that intends to implement a medium- and long-term fundraising strategy in the United States. All funds raised may be designated exclusively for the Fund’s title organization.

The DF is established in partnership with BrazilFoundation, which will be the official recipient of all donations to the Designated Fund. BrazilFoundation is a non-profit organization registered in the United States as a 501(c)(3). Therefore, contributions to this Fund, of BrazilFoundation are potentially tax deductible in the United States.

*BrazilFoundation retains exclusive legal responsibility for all donations. The foundation considers donor recommendations after ensuring that grantees qualify for charitable funding under US and Brazilian law.


In addition to the credibility conferred by with BrazilFoundation, a DF contributes to increasing the investor pool in the U.S. because potential tax benefits encourage donations.

The Fund empowers the Organization to raise international funds from individual donors, corporations, and foundations, among others.

Donations can be made via credit card, check, wire transfer, shares, and securities. BrazilFoundation monitors all channels for receipt of donations, allocates them to the Fund, and reports the donations received.

How to open

The first step is registering the Organization through the due diligence process of BrazilFoundation. The Organization must complete the registration form and provide the requested documentation. Once the documentation has been approved, the Foundation can create a Designated Fund and receive donations.

The second step is to receive a minimum donation to open the Designated Fund. This minimum donation is of US$10,000 (or its equivalent in Reais,) and may be donated by the Organization itself. Part of this initial donation may be used immediately for transfers to the Organization (see point 8 regarding Fee Structure).