Location São Paulo, SP
Grantee 2019
Attended areas Human Rights and Civic Engagement

Cultura, Identidade e Projetos de Vida

Improving conditions for justice-involved adolescents by training professionals in the institutions that serve them

In the city of São Paulo there are 6,000 adolescents serving probation. In general, these terms are mandated in coercive ways, restricting liberties while imposing a level of control on those who are serving. In this context, the precariousness of the public policies for this sector and the process of individual blame for infractions, together are reflected in the formation of guidelines. As a result, there is a limit on pedagogical perspective and a lack of interest from the adolescents serving Socio-educational Measures (MSEs) Services as a place for development and coexistence.

Ação Educativa defends the educational and cultural rights of youth. The project looks to improve assistance for justice-involved adolescents through a series of activities integrated with citizenship rights and responsibilities inserting them into the cultural universe and professional workspaces in addition to preparing them as professionals.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the Ação Educativa intends to:

• Provide professional training and literacy, reading and writing courses for 50 youths serving socio-educational sentences in an open environment;
• Train 16 coaches from 8 MSE service units;
• Insert adolescents in professional and cultural environments;
• Create spaces for debate and discussion;
• Systemize and disseminate the project’s results, findings and challenges.


4,200 benefited from training and mentoring
Youth in conflict with the law now with new perspectives for their future
Better qualified professionals for socio-educational mediation services

“We want to strengthen remediation services while supporting reintegration of youth through education and income generation measures, giving remediation an educational perspective.”

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