Location Vitória, ES
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Socioeconomic Development

Associação Ateliê de Ideias

Training and Economic Assistance for Women to Build Their Own Houses

Nearly 350,000 people live in Cariacica, an area comprising 13 regions. The Vila Dourada neighborhood became established over time with the staking of spontaneous, irregular plots, resulting in precarious a community infrastructure including unpaved streets, no basic sanitation systems, and few formal employment opportunities. 40% percent of this neighborhood of 23,000 iare beneficiaries of the Bolsa Familia program.

Associação Ateliê de Ideias was created to promote local socio-economic development by focusing on three areas: access to housing, community empowerment, and local economy strengthening through socially-responsible financing. The project aims to mobilize the women in the community to participate in the Bem Morar collaborative fund which provides microcredit for women to build their houses and produce ecological bricks at the factory for home construction.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the Association will:

• Assist 8 families without housing who earn a monthly income up to 4 minimum wages;
• Provide 32 people access to adequate housing;
• Train 5 people to create ecological bricks as a source of income generation;
• Involve more women in home construction.


32 people with access to adequate housing
Women building their own homes
More than 5,000 people already benefited

“Bem Morar offers integrated services and technologies to promote access to adequate, safe and comfortable homes for low-income households and communities.” -Leonora Mol, founder, Ateliê de Ideias

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