Location Vitória da Conquista
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Education and Culture

Encrespar: A Arte da Beleza Estética Negra

Fostering the Artistic, Economic and Social Potential of Youth from Vitória da Conquista

The neighborhood of Bruno Bacelar is one of the largest in the outskirts of the city, and most of its residents are semi-illiterate. Recruitment of young people into drug trafficking is increasingly common, and violence and prostitution rates are rising. In these circumstances, school evasion has been great and the lack of public policies for this demographic encourages the population to turn to illicit alternatives as an immediate solution to this situation. The result is increased marginalization, prostitution, and addiction to psychoactive substances.

The project will provide activities and training for young people from the city outskirts and quilombo communities, seeking to reduce the high levels of violence, drugs and prostitution in the neighborhood. Using ceramic workshops, the program will work on social and cultural issues and create an alternative source of income. The “black beauty” and aesthetics workshop will train students in hairstyling, braiding, makeup, the use of turbans, as well as Afro-dance, as a way of valuing black culture.

With the support of BrazilFoundation the project aims to offer:

• Black beauty and aesthetic workshops;
• Ceramics workshops addressing social and cultural issues;
• Talks and lectures;
• Display of educational videos and films;
• Professional, social and cultural guidance and alternative sources of income.


Professional guidance to youth from the city outskirts and quilombola communities
Alternative sources of income for youth
Creating awareness and valuing black culture

“We will promote interaction among youth to offer them professional, social and cultural guidance and maximize their potential.” – ACPVC Team

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