Location Caravelas, BA
Grantee 2016
Attended areas Social Enterprise

Associação dos Moradores, Pescadores, e Marisqueiras, do Povoado de Barra de Caravelas

Income Generation for Youth in a Fisherman Community by Utilizing Fishing Waste to Produce Shrimp Flour

Shrimping is the main source of income for the traditional, low-income fishing families living in the coastal area of Caravelas, Bahia. Of the total shrimp catch, 40% is sold and 60% is discarded as waste. Nearly nine tons of shells and shrimp heads are discarded per month onto the beaches, which is a serious public health risk.

Founded in 2013, the association aims to reduce the environmental impact of fishing waste by using cheap technology to turn the waste into shrimp flour. The fishing waste can also be used to produce animal feed and fertilizer for pharmaceutical, paper and agriculture purposes.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the Association will:

• Train 50 fishermen to produce shrimp flour, providing them specific guidance on marketing, pricing and quality;
• Build four solar dryers and a shed;
• Develop of a pilot project to produce chitin and chitosan;
• Create a website to increase product sales.


Sustainability and autonomy for a community
50 fishing families producing and generating income
Reducing the environmental impact generated by shrimp

“The success of this project can serve as an example for other communities, and can help sustain small-scale fishing during a time when our planet is suffering from climate change.”

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