Location Vitória da Conquista, BA
Grantee 2017
Attended areas Education and Culture

Juventude Quilombola Fortalecida no Ensino Superior

Access to Higher Education for Youth in Quilombola Communities

There are more than 40 quilombola communities in Bahia’s southwestern region, in which there are roughly 400 youths. Vitória da Conquista is the third largest city in Bahia and an education hub with public and private universities. The Council of Quilombola Associations was created in 2006 and acts as a strategic space for the mobilization, participation and articulation of public policies within the region’s quilombola communities.

Among its activities is the “Pre-Vestibular Quilombola” project, which offers preparation for College entrance exams and the National Secondary Education Examination (ENEM) test. The course that has already helped dozens of youth enter into more than 20 university programs faces many difficulties including lack of transportation for its students. This project intends to strengthen not only the “Pre-Vestibular Quilombola” project, but also the Quilombola and Indigenous Youth Organization and the Local University Student program.

With support from BrazilFoundation, the project aims to:

• Strengthen the Pre-Vestibular Quilombola’s infrastructure, guaranteeing 4 months of transportation for 45 students;
• Provide a second seminar on the Indigenous and Quilombola Presence in Higher Education in Bahia;
• Support coordination for the Pre-Vestibular Quilombola and the Seminar.


40 quilombola youths already graduated
6 quilombola youths graduated in medicine and working in the region
260 students accepted into 20 programs

“When leaving their communities to study, young quilombola youth create a link between theory and practice, between the quilombola reality and the breadth of horizons.” – Quilombola Association Council Team

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