Location Porto Alegre, RS
Grantee 2018
Attended areas Education and Culture

Emancipa Cursinho Popular Pré-Universitário

ENEM and college entrance exam prep to facilitate educational and job opportunities

According to the data on access to higher education in Brazil, only 19% of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 have access to college education, of which only 3% belong to lower income groups.

Emancipa emerged in 2011 as a social project offering free public education with the purpose of promoting access of young people and adults educated in public high schools to college. Most of whom are unable economically unable to attend private preparatory courses for admission to universities of excellence, most of which are public.

The project seeks to supply the need for access to Higher Education for young people from vulnerable communities. In addition to the classroom, the course promotes various activities in the area of education and culture as a complement to the preparation for entrance tests, to develop a broader knowledge base.

With support from BrazilFoundation, Emancipa will provide:

•Preparation for 180 students for the ENEM (National High School Examination) and the vestibular (college entrance exam);
•Pre-college entrance exam geared towards young people and low-income adults from public schools;
•Development and printing of teaching materials.


180 students from public schools prepared for the entrance exam and ENEM
Community education facilitating access to higher education and youth development
Over 500 young people already having reached higher education

“We understand that education is an instrument of intellectual emancipation that promotes citizenship and combats social violence.” – Emancipa team

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